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About Julio

Julio Mariño is a dancer and teacher with 20 years of experience spanning from the re-emergence of tango onto the world stage to today. Dancing tango from the age of 15, Julio has absorbed the technique, the traditions and the essence of tango since he was a child.

Julio was chosen as a young dancer to train and learn from important milongueros such as Portalea, Carlitos Perez, Toto and Horacio Godoy in order to teach and pass on this heritage to future generations. Emerging as an exciting stage dancer, over time Julio has adopted a more traditional style. With 20 years of experience spanning the evolution of modern era tango, Julio has a vast depth of knowledge of various styles of tango which has enabled him to refine an effective teaching methodology which is tailored to each student.

Above all, Julio is passionate about fostering the most important and unique aspect of tango; emotional connection. To create a comfortable and tender embrace and to open students hearts and minds to connecting deeply with another person is his mission.

Over the last 10 years Julio has been a leading pioneer of introducing tango to northern and eastern europe and to russia, touring twice yearly and establishing a school in Ekaterinburg.In Ekaterinburg, Julio directed and produced the first professional tango show with the Color Tango orchestra.

As an experienced director, producer and choreographer, Julio has brought tango to new audiences across the world.In 2013 Julio organised the first Eurasia Tango Festival including a competition of traditional and show tango, workshops, milongas and performances with Buenos Aires Orchestra Color Tango.

As a dancer, a teacher, a choreographer and a director and organiser, Julio is a Buenos Aires maestro par excellence.