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Julio Mariño - Show World cup - Obertura

Julio Mariño y Katerinza Zak  Choreography Chacabuqueando with Color Tango

Julio Mariño - Russia Interview-dance improvization

Julio Mariño and Mirabai Deranja - Non tango music improvization- Belgium

Julio Mariño and Katerina Zak, Improvization "Tabernero" with Sexteto Unitango

Julio Mariño with Brit, Naomi and Sophie, 3 songs improvizing. May 2014

Shows philosophy

What is Tango Escenario or Tango Show? 
Many people question whether tango show is true tango because it is choreographed rather than improvised. Some feel that the emotion is simulated rather than felt as a personal experience. This can cause some to dismiss this aspect of tango culture.

But tango show is an art form that is as much a part of tango culture as the dancing in the milongas of Buenos Aires. All of the essential movements of tango salon are also included tango show but they are executed in a way that is bigger, more dramatic and visual so they can be appreciated from a distance in a theatre, so the audience can also experience the passion of tango.  

In any dance art form, performance is a creative way of exploring artistic possibilities and allowing dancers to express their physical and artistic capabilities. It also allows audiences who may or may not dance themselves to enjoy the exquisite aesthetic beauty and passion of tango for entertainment. Tango show fulfils these goals.

Tango show presents huge challenges for the dancer. The task of mastering the use of energy in your body and controlling your movements so lightening fast and dramatic movements look effortless is a huge discipline that sharpens a dancer's skills. Once control of the body can be achieved, a dancer can apply these skills across tango genres.

The stage is where Julio began his career and it is this experience of understanding the use of energy and control of the body which provides a solid foundation for all his teaching. 

Julio is an accomplished tango choreographer and has wide experience in managing and producing tango shows. He is passionate about using this art form to explore and push the creative boundaries of what is possible in tango.

In addition to other styles of tango, Julio teaches tango show or escenario technique and he has coached many dancers to performance level. 

Shows Experience...(click to expand)

*Argentina, Ireland, Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, 
  Austria, Germany. ------- 2013-2015
* Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia --- April/July 2012
* Milongas de Buenos Aires: Salon Canning, Sunderland club,
   Niño Bien, La Nacional, La ideal, --- March 2012
* Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia --- September/December 2011
* Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland --- April/May 2011
* Germany, Holland, Sweden,
   Norway, Belgium --- May/June, and November/December 2010
* Milonga Sunderland, ---Argentina 2010
* Germany, Holland, Sweden, 
   Norway --- May/June, and November/December 2009
* USA (San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle,
   Portland, Hawai) ---August/Sep 2009
* Dinner Show in Confiteria Ideal every Friday , --- March 2009.
* Plaza Dorrego (La Pergola and Mundo Bar), 2008/9
* Milonga La Ideal, May, Oct, Nov. And December 2008;--- Jan, March, April 2009
* USA (San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle,
   Portland, Hawai) ---August/Sep 2008
* Sweden Stockholm, Uppsala, Gavle,
   Lund, Halmstad --- June 2nd to June 23rd 2008
* Salon Canning, ---May 2008
* Argentinean opening for Volvo with Otros Aires, ---May 2008
* La Ideal, --- May 2008
* La Catedral, --- May 2008
* Niño Bien, --- May 2008
* La Ideal with Los Rayes Del Tango, --- Abril 2008
* Business convention, --- March 2008
* La Ideal, --- February 2008
* Sheraton Hotel with Otros Aires, --- December 2007
* ND Ateneo with Otros Aires, - -- November 2007
* La Ideal, --- November 2007
* Buenos Aires Hipódromo with Otros Aires, --- November 2007
* Villa Malcom, --- October 2007
* Sabor a Tango, --- October 2007
* Niño Bien, --- September 2007
* “Confitería Ideal” Milonga with "La Tubatango" Quartet, --- January 2007.
* Café Tortoni.
* “Sabor a Tango” Dinner Show
* “Bar Sur” Dinner Show
* La Casa de la Provincia de Buenos Aires Theater.
* Picazzo of the Paseo la Plaza Theater.
* Lasalle Theater
* Moreno Theater.
* Solo Tango TV channel , “Casino show internacional”
* “La suerte está hechada” Movie.
* “ The Amazine Race ” Reality Show
* San Justo Cultural Center. Transmitted by Telecentro y Multicanal.
* Caminito
* Plaza Dorrego (La Pergola and Mundo Bar)
* Ramos Mejía Cultural Center.
* Recoleta Cultural Center.
* Cortometraje “ Elía “
* Padre Mario Foundation
* Mar de Ajó, Mar del Tuyú, Las Toninas.
* Greenpeace
* Different retirees centers throughout La Matanza and Federal Capital.
* Different schools in La Matanza and Moron