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In tango much attention is given to posture, steps and movements of the legs and feet. This is of course important, but above all, it is the embrace which makes tango unique.
A dancer with a beautiful and comfortable embrace is a dancer that will always be sought after.

An embrace in tango is everything that it is in life. It is connection between two people and can communicate warmth, love, passion, sympathy, friendship and many more emotions. But this is often forgotten in the study of tango. Julio encourages students to boldly open themselves up to the full possibilities of communication in tango. So before technique can be learned, this deeper meaning must be understood.

In embrace, the exchange of emotions is very real however certain subconscious emotions such as fear can block connection and inhibit expression in tango. Julio deeply understands this process and can help students consciously address how their own emotions or cultural limitations are affecting their tango.

The many and varied experiences of Julio's students bears testament to the fact that tango can change lives. It can lead students to embarking on their own personal journey to open up and to be expressive. The true personal reward of tango can be felt when a dancer can find and share their emotions through the embrace and the dance.

Julio guides all of his students through this physical and emotional process to create a wonderful embrace. The teaching of the physical process develops posture and enables his students to dance with partners of differing heights and styles, emphasising comfort, sensitivity, flexibility and enjoyment.

The emotional process enables his students to leave behind their own fears or insecurities and to open up to communication and connection with their partner to truly experience the essence of tango.